State University of New York Plattsburgh @ QueensburySUNY Plattsburgh Queensbury North Country Diversity Conference - Kenneth David StrangSUNY AdirondackNorth Country Diversity Conference
State University of New York Plattsburgh at Queensbury & SUNY Adirondack
Regional Higher Education Center, 640 Bay Rd, Queensbury NY 12804 (map)
Held: June 19, 5:00-7:30 pm and June 20, 08:00 am-3:30 pm
Conference conveners thank everyone (attendance registrar N=112). Country Diversity keyword cloud (Dr Kenneth David Strang via NVIVO)SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury hosted this conference to promote multiculturalism, diversity and community buildingSUNY Plattsburgh is a not-for-profit regionally-accredited comprehensive public university focused on serving the educational needs of the community by offering low-cost accredited bachelor and master degree programs. The conference idea was conceived by Dr David Iasevoli and Dr Kenneth David Strang on 4/19/2013. Our funding comes from the Grant and Sally Webb Endowment Fund through the Plattsburgh College Foundation (the Webb Endowment Fund supports lectures as well as other events that overcome differences and build a common foundation in multicultural awareness). SUNY Adirondack are partnering with SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury to provide this conference free as a public service.

Conference rationale. The purpose of this conference was to better understand the dynamics of diversity and multiculturism in upstate New York. We invited subject matter experts to share best-practices and issues concerning multiculturalism, economic opportunities, disability barriers, crime and poverty problems, social service deficiencies and educational reform needs. Our goal for this first conference was to highlight best-practices and to identify what we need to research in order to close any gaps (potentially to address in future conferences). 
We used the following research questions to serve as a foundation for presentations and panel discussions:
  • What changes in demographics do we expect in the North Country? 
  • What effects will immigration have on North Country communities?
  • How will public schools accommodate multiculturalism?
  • How are government and nonprofit agencies adjusting to diversity?
  • What type of leadership is needed in the North Country?
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  • Are there socio-economic impacts of multiculturalism?
  • What diversity or poverty issues do we face?
  • How are businesses accommodating diversity?
  • Can we we integrate people with developmental disorders like autism?
  • How can we research diversity to improve practices?
June 19
CWI - Mark Donahue CEO

YMCA Glens Falls NY 
Evening agenda (5:00 pm): Registration, networking with refreshments followed by opening remark speakers and hot air balloons.
» Conveners: Dr Stephen Danna, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Dean & Dr Martin A McClinton, SUNYADK Academic Affairs Dean
» 5:30 pm: Ms Dierdre Scozzafava, Deputy Secretary of State for Local Government "Diversity trends in North Country"
» 6:00 pm:
Ms Kim and Mr Reggie Harris, Musicians "A few notes from folks"
» 6:15 pm: Ms Beth Tracy, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Childhood Education Program Advisor/Lecturer
                  "The effect of stereotyping: What's in a label?"
» 7:30 pm: Multicultural celebration & balloons (event closes for this day followed by hot air balloon festival).
Information sharing tables (open both days):
» Conveners: Dr Mike Homenick, Psychologist & Dr Kerri Zappala-Piemme, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Education Assistant Professor
Warren Washington Mental Health Association - Mr Peter Groff, CEO
Community Work & Independence (CWI) - Mr Mark Donahue, CEO
 Family YMCA of Glens Falls Area Mr Brian Bearor, CEO
SUNY Plattsburgh Queensbury North Country Diversity Conference
June 20
Morning agenda (8:00 am): Registration, hot air balloons, networking with refreshments followed by opening remark speakers.
Dr Elie Chrysostome, Director of CEDIMES USA
Dr Elie Chrysostome, CEDIMES USA» Conveners: Mr Herman Johnson, & Dr Kenneth D Strang
» 8:00 am: Registration, networking, hot air balloons & refreshments
» 8:30 am: Dr Elie ChrysostomeCEDIMES USA Director
& SUNY Plattsburgh Business Professor
"Breaking barriers: The importance of entrepreneur-immigrants"
Directory of accommodations & dining Glens Falls NY RegionWarren County Economic Development Corporation
Track 1: Education Issues and Practices
Dr Martin A McClinton, SUNYADK Academic Affairs Dean; Dr Stephen Danna, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Dean

Dr Ann Myers, Mental Health Center Director Sage College, Associate Professor & Dr Tiffany Powell-Lambrigh,
Sage College Assistant Professor "Opportunities and challenges: Diversity comes to North Country schools"

Dr Kevin O'Neill, SUNY Plattsburgh Global Supply Chain Management Program Chair & Associate Professor
"Managing Chinese students in a supply chain program"

Ms Heather HicklandWorld Awareness Children's Museum DirectorMs Sheileen Landrey, World Awareness Children's Museum Educator "Why and how to use multicultural knowledge and artistic expression activities in childhood education"

Dr Doug Huntley, Queensbury School Superintendent "The impact of poverty and diversity on upstate NY public schools"
Track 2: Business Issues and Practices
Conveners: Mr Kevin O’Brien, Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC) & O'Brien Insurance;
Dr Kenneth D Strang, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Business Professor

Dr Rao Vajjhala, "How multiculturalism impacts a transition economy"²

Ms Gail Hamel, Hamel Resources LLC Owner
"Not bad, just different"

Mr Trent Sano, Six Flags Great Escape Resort "Hiring to meet EEOC in an era of diversity"

Dr Michelle Buchberger, Franklin University Interdisciplinary Program Chair & Professor
"An interdisciplinary methodology to study diversity"

² Peer-reviewed scholarly presentations.
Track 3: Community Issues and Practices
Conveners: Dr Mike Homenick, Psychologist;
Dr Kerri Zappala-Piemme, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Education Assistant Professor

Mr Kris Whalley, Southern Adirondack Independent Living (SAIL), Associate Director of Program Services & Ms Kathy Wallace, SAIL, Outreach Coordinator &  Ms Jocelyn Blanchard, SAIL, Director of Navigator Services 
“Changing Demographics: An Agency Perspective on Overcoming Barriers” 

Mr Mark Donahue, CWI CEO
 "Creating and managing employment for people with disabilities"

Mr Brian Bearor, Family YMCA of Glens Falls Area CEO "Journey of innovation: Becoming a catalyst for societal change"

Dr Maureen Squires, SUNY Plattsburgh Teacher Education Assistant Professor
Dr Andrea Simms, SUNY Plattsburgh Teacher Education Assistant Professor; & Dr Yong Yu, SUNY Plattsburgh Teacher Education Assistant Professor "Culture and community: Shifting paradigms and creating inclusive spaces"²
  Positive atmosphere & uplifting activities
World Awareness Children's Museum
June 20 afternoon plenary agenda
» 12 pm: Lunch
» Conveners: Mr Herman Johnson, Sports Psychologist, Cerebral Sports President & Dr Martin A McClinton, SUNYADK Academic Affairs Dean
» 1:00 pm: Dr J. W. WileyCenter for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion (CDPI) Director & Lecturer "Are we using dysfunctional language?"

» 1:30 pm: Panel discussion, Economic Diversity in North Country; Moderator: Dr J. W. Wiley, SUNY Plattsburgh CDPI Director & Lecturer
» Conveners: Mr Kevin O’BrienARCC & Dr Mike Homenick, Psychologist
» Panel discussion leaders: Mr Bud York, Warren County Sheriff; Ms Kate Hogan, District Attorney;  Mr Lee Braggs, NAACP;
Mr Peter AustARCC President & CEO; Dr John Rugge,
» 3:15 pm: Dr J. W. WileySUNY Plattsburgh CDPI Director & Lecturer "Panel synopsis & closing comments"
» 3:30 pm: Dr Stephen Danna, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Dean "Closing remarks: Where we are and what's next?"

Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce (ARCC)

Updated: 6/25/2014
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