Copyright Dr. KD StrangResearch, Practices, and Innovations in Global Risk and Contingency Management  ISBN: 978-1-5225-4754-9
(eds. M.E. Korstanje, N.R. Vajjhala. & K. D. Strang, 2018; PA, USA: IGI-Global)
Uncertainty and risk of a black hole in plan execution

A provacative forward-looking cross-disciplinary presentation of emerging risk and contingency management issues, practices and models.
The contributors were hand-picked scholars with relevant publications in the topics - all chapters were rigorously peer-reviewed.

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Table of Contents (as of September 12, 2017)

Preliminary Material
  1. Global Risk and Contingency Management Overview
Quantitative Approaches to Risk and Uncertainty Models
  1. Strategic and Tactical Measures in Managing Enterprise Risks in the Textile Apparel Industry
  2. A Comparison of Excess Stock Market Return to Standard Marketing Metrics
  3. Analyzing Risk Management and Non-Performing Assets in Banks
  4. How Social Culture Impacts Young Executive Decision Making in a Context of Uncertainty
  5. Risk Inherent in Matching Uncertainty With Unreliability
Qualitative, Historical and Philosophical Risk Perspectives
  1. Astronomical Roots of Risk Management Measures
  2. Socio-Political Risk-Contingency Management Framework for Practitioners and Researchers
  3. Impact of Risk Assessment Models on Risk Factors – A Holistic Outlook
  4. Beyond the Precautionary Principle: Is Terrorism A Real Risk
  5. Deming as a Guide for Reducing Risk in Project Management
Strategic Management and Contingency Planning Practices
  1. Comprehensive Risk Abatement - A Paradigm Shift
  2. Burst Pipes and Leaky Roofs: Small Emergencies are a Challenge for Libraries contingency planning
  3. Perils of Lending Rare Book and Archival Materials for Exhibition: Identifying Threats and Evaluating Exposures
  4. Risk Management Strategies for Project Success
Industry Applications and Mixed Method Studies
  1. Complex Interdependency of IT Security Risk in B2B Supply Chains
  2. Modelling the Enablers of Supply Risk Management using Interpretive Structural Methodology
  3. Emergent issues in the World War Against Global Terrorism
  4. Practical Use and Effects of Scope Reductions in the Form of Reduction Lists: A Tool for Cost Control of Large Public Projects.
Closing Chapter
  1. Controversies and Future Directions in Risk and Contingency Management
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